On September 27, 2018, our daughter, Camryn, ended her life by suicide, thus bringing an end to a lifelong battle with mental illness. On the outside, Camryn appeared normal, engaging in activities that others her age were involved in. But she could never understand why she felt the way she did.

Camryn's story is unique in itself, but it is not necessarily an untold story. Each year thousands of young people make the same decision: to walk away from their pain and their suffering.

People live everyday lives in a struggle. The struggle might be thoughts of suicide. It might be anxiety or depression. Or it could simply be a feeling of overwhelming helplessness. Even needing resources to receive services. Our charity aims to help not just those afflicted with suicidal thoughts, but anyone who feels a struggle to get through life.

The Say Something Foundation does not promise to put an end to suicide. Instead, our mission and vision is to raise awareness for those who are in the struggle, in addition to providing resources for those who need the help and/or want to help.

The Say Something Foundation is as much as an initiative as it is a charity.  An initiative to encourage, educate, and train people to deal with life's struggles or to help those in the struggle.

To Say Something means to have the courage to reach out and tell someone of or about your struggle.  It also means having the courage to reach towards someone who may be in a struggle and to not look the other way.  To be compassionate and not judgmental.  

You can Say Something by participating in a variety of ways.  Volunteer or give to our charity.  Spread the word to others.  Share our message.  Be giving in kindness, not just financially.  Give to other charities dear to you.  Just Say Something...

We are 100% volunteer-based with no age discrimination, because life does not discriminate.  Our goal and mission is to help educate and train.  Our dream is to open a location for support groups and individual counseling.  Our location would become a gathering place for those who want and need to be heard, those who want help, those who want to help, and those who want to Say Something.